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Friday, July 14, 2006

no poodles, Austria and the family

I'm back in London after an eventful week in Austria. It was my niece's christening last week and the whole family returned to Linz to celebrate little Carolina's assimilation in the Austrian catholic church. From now on, it's not only Tanja and Sebastian that have to care for her spiritual well-being but me as well (hehe -). And the little "mucky pup" on the second picture is Carolina as well, eating carrot-mush. Obviously she's not very enthusiastic about it, but it might take a while untill she can digest real food like roast pork or "Blunzngröst'l"

So what did I do the whole week: Well, most of the time, I sat around a table having coffee and cake, which gave me a hard time to sleep (I'm not used to caffeine anymore, I'm loosing my Austrian touch!) so during the night, I would sit on the balkony with my Mum (who devoted her sleeping breaks to spend quality time with her daughter) talking about "this and that" and how hot the weather is. I spent the rest of the time with seeing old friends, explaining my very vague future to people in the most convincing way and trying not to feel like a poodle. But yesterday, when I went back to the airport my little dog Indi was sad about me leaving (or just angry about being squeezed on the backseat.) Who knows.

NO poodles
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a typical afternoon
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back to the airport
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