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Friday, March 23, 2007

What about Sydney?

After 378 hours on the plane, and a 20min. stop in Kuala Lumpur, I finally arrived in Sydney!
#1: Having a jet lag really sucks, exept for when the sunrise at 5 in the morning is exceptionally beautiful.
#2: It's easier to change a continent than a bad habbit. Me, posing with rabbit teeth in Darling harbour.
#3: One of the really cool things about Sydney is the contrast between a bustling city and the huge calm harbour.
#4: Except in the financial district, most buidlings are very low built. And don't they look oh-soo-cute!
#5: Sydney is a very green city, with lots of trees in the streets but there're also a lot of animals roaming the area. (I'll write more about that later)
#6: It seems that the Sydnese (inhabitants of Sydney?) aren't very creative when it comes to giving names. Everything's called after places in London (like Hyde Park, King's Cross, Oxford Street) or they used the (crazy) aboriginal names (like Woollahra, Tamarama or Woolloomooloo).
#7: And anywhere you are, there's a good chance to get a view of the Opera house, the Harbour bridge or something else that's pretty.
#8: Uuh, everything looks so not European!
#9: Original Australians by the beach. Notice the caps and shades! While I was traveling I saw the most ridiculous sunburns ever amongst my fellow tourists; Like tomato-red faces or dark red feet (yes, they burn). But I wasn't much better, cos I managed to burn my boobs in two big stripes (Now, how did I do that ;)


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