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Sunday, April 30, 2006

underberg alsmost syncronised

I went out with Julia last night and we had the evening started with little underberg-bottles that sneaked around the table in little hats and capes.

And finally I found the perfect job for Julia - apart from dancing - ... Syncronised Swimming.

It might not be the so called fast-money that she would earn but doing the choreography for a syncronised swimming event is very honorable, at least.
Because: Syncronised swimming is a lifestyle it doesn't end at the edge of the pool, one's life has to be devoted to being syncronised. Furthermore it really is a very gracile sport. And even wild beasts enjoy a swimm-along every now and then. The only thing I find a bit wired is the Loch Ness imitation they do with their feet. (but check out the nose-clip.)


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