für alle linzer wiener und wiener linzer und aus g'roaste

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


1.Mai is either Prater or Blue Box. I never made it to Prater and always end up at Blue Box where they organize an outdoor party in the street. This year we started at café C.I. in Ottakring where the Euromayday Parade had its meeting point.. (franz really walked the whole thing and survived the teargas attac)Too many guys with dreads and sleazy hair were running around so that we had to check out the policemen.. but the drum performance was great! sounds really superficial, I know. Laters we walked down good old josefstädterstreet and ended up at "casa dominique" who awaited us with a small coffee and a retro TV-gaming console.. we talked about electric and gas ovens and how to aerate a room perfectly. well... and further on my new band and me, domi - matz - me, went to Blue Box to have a coke, a frucade and a small beer.. we should have known that these aren't going to be the last drink of this evening and in the end we had again a funny and ridiculously good looking evening with valentino, giorgio, fran and some girls. and I have a band now! the "it's nice'n'nices"! and dominique even got a free beer from the waitress which couldn't resist mr. charming!


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