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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Insel 2006

actually, this is quite sick, because it is 3 something and I should be sleeping to be ready for the WG-room casting tomorrow. We decided, that I should just stay in bed when the people are looking at my beloved cave.. BUT I am actually drinking liters of water because of being afraid of my hangover tomorrow. So I don't want to fall asleep and keep on drinking..
Today, the danube island offered us a day in the sun.
- With our haus-band Café Amigo on the FM4 stage.
- being backstage due to the kindness of Mister Amigo Poser Alf and playing with food and Luis
- the amigos and Andi, ready to rock..
- the dust, which made me sneeze mud after the final act Fettes Brot
- la vedge and Grewy
- se görls
- the most fette concert of Fettes Brot. I loved it although Kuri said it is music for 8 year olds.. hm.. Regarding my theorie that I underlive a backward evolution concerning age, this is not a problem for me.
- On our way home, Anita figured out where she lives.. and she knew exactly which big road to follow...
- and what would an evening out be, without meeting someone on the way home. Giorgio was the star of Bethlehem today which guided Andi and me to Chelsea where we met the boys celebrating val's birthday.. phew.. Happy Birthday again and you really knew how to break down the night!!
Ok, now football fans are singing outside in the street: "Berlin, Berlin wir fahren nach Berlin - shaaaalalalalalaaa lala...." Time for me to go to bed, listining to the choirs.. night, night.


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