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Monday, July 31, 2006

Wien is...

...DONE, finished, over! I moved out - and alread found out that I forgot some clothes, a tea pot, stuff in the freezer.. well.. every person leaves traces! On Saturday Andi and me drove towards Vienna to celebrate our last weekend in "la town". We found ourselves sitting in my empty room, together with Andi-el, who executes an evil take over of our flat tomorrow.. We had a beer, a smoke and some sad songs while looking out on our beloved street and the rain, dripping down from the street lights like the tears in my eyes.. As a suprise Georgio brought two guys from Switzerland along and the sad mood turned into one of our beloved kitchen sit-ins.. nice.. Later B72, Chelsea outdoor and the last Kafka at Thalias-Sausage-Dealer. A lap of honour at Gürtel.. So from now on the Linzerwieners are no more Linzerwieners... but we will still be keeping you informed about our arriba-arriba-action in spain and of course we have martina, who will help us to get the word supremacy within some months... Let's make the world ours, girls!


Blogger andi said...

and when I washed the last dishes yesterday in a very empty flat and they played "candle in the wind" I just had to cry like a castledog...

8/01/2006 07:19:00 pm  

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