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Friday, August 11, 2006

señoras y señores

Finally there was a free PC here at my language school.. and I can´t believe I am really blogging. It might be that this entry will be a total desaster because I got 2 hours of sleep this night and generally my bed is empty most of the time. yesterday-disco, wednesday-botellon, ...
Yesterday I killed my first cucaracha.... yes.... actually it was quite super-killing-spray even smells good. hihi. besides the little-animal-in-the-house-issue everything is suuuuper.. i can´t wait to make my WLAN working... i need to blog mz pictures....arrrghh... time for siesta now.... I promise to blog more next week...everzthing is just so exciting and there are thousand of things...hasta luago!!! I miss you all!!!


Blogger andi said...

sleep now

8/11/2006 02:30:00 pm  

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