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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

two in the morning

two in the morning
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So Madame Jojo's. I met up with Lucy at 9.30 in Waterloo. Just in time to make a quick stop at Lucy's again to get changed and have a chat with Irene and Tom about Irene's birthday party at (not quite this) Saturday. On our way to the bus some random drunken man referred to us as the best pair he's ever seen. Well, I'll just assume he meant it in a good way. Or maybe it's been a while since he's seen two 80's style new wave chicks like us. (I myself was wearing my leggins paired with the high heels with pride and Lucy looked very cool retro-electro-ish with her white trousers and the asymetric gold-glitter top)
After we ran up and down what seemed and probably was a dozen Soho streets, we decided to take a cab cos this club is really hard to find, specially without a map. Oh and did I mention the guy who was walking in front of us who suddenly flashed his bum? Trousers down, T-shirt up and still walking, keeping the pace up - must have been a professional. brrr
Anyway, so in front of Madame Jojo's all we had to do was joining the 15 meters of queue! Luckily David came along with his friends from Spain and since time flys by when you're with friends the hour that we had to wait seemed like having a cigarette break (not that I'm smoking, Mum)
Finally we got inside were the party crowed had already warmed up the dancefloor to at least 40 degrees. But we came to dance and dancin we was. I have to admit that even after a weekend at Techno-Winchester and several other occasions I'm still impressed by Lucy's dancing skills. The picture of us two was taken at two-something in the morning after we'd already had two hours of good shake-workout.
And what else is there to say: Ah yes, I take it the boys enjoyed it as well, because I haven't seen them yawning again since we entered the club. And I had a chance to practise my one and only spanish sentence I can remember and we found a cab straight after we've left the club and my feet are still thankful for that. In the end, I came home, had a hot shower and soon fell into a deep sleep.
So, and this was the super detailed report of a night at Madame Jojo's after seven years of abstinence.

madame jojo's white heat
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