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Thursday, August 10, 2006


dear reader,

at the moment, this Weblog feels like a wooden leg. I just don't have the leisure to blog, I hope you don't mind and take the silence as a possible break before the flood of information you will be confronted with, once I am in Sevilla... The last days I focused on family and food, basically due to the "red heart" I read every morning in out local newspaper horoscope in my category "love". That sucks..

...Hoy dia luna dia pena. hoy me levanto sin razon. hoy me levanto y no quiero. hoy dia luna dia pena.
(today, moon day, day of sadness. today, I wake up without reason. today I wake up and I don't want to. today, moon day, sadness day)
buhuuuuuuuu... it aint' over till it's over!! Somehow I think, without my reasonably developed sense for "possible embarrasements you will never ever forget", I would be perfect for carrying out some last minute attacs and actions I always wanted to do. But who know.. the last time I thought "Wuuuuascht" it DID turn out in a mega-embarassment, but with a C.S.I. Agent called "3 months Sevilla" backing me up, I might get freaky naughty... hahahhaha.. just joking! Loco en el Coco! Watch me, pussycat!


Blogger simo said...

I already made use of "agent absence" yesterday, when I ruined my dad's lawn mower... oops.

8/11/2006 10:26:00 am  

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