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Monday, September 11, 2006


It was all going really really smooth these days! I went to Granada with Andrea and Silvia to meet Vetsch, Verena and Andrés... Nice city and a afantastic party with dancing to spanish songs and near-death experience in a car.. well. Today things aren´t that smooth. My course is boring as hell and fucking Sevilla Roomates cancelled our flat contract.. actually we had no contract, BECAUSE the phone number this as*?%"$)% gave us was a fax number. So while we tried to phone a hundred times last week, he just thought we are complete idiots and rent the rooms to someone else! Cabrón! So it is all a bit hectic at the moment. All rooms are kind of occupied ebecause of the students who arrive these days.. BUT I phoned Pablo, the schmuule waiter of Alfalfa 10 and I might rent his room tomorrow! so please wish me luck for tomorrow 2 p.m. And wish Andi luck, because you can imagine how pissed she is after movin 2 times already..
The good things for these days is the hot weather (we were freezing in Granada!!), the arrival of the verenas, a statement from my thesis "inspector saying he likes it AND the fact that Pedro and his friends are going to cook for us tonight! So stay tuned and just 2 more days before I am famous -- TV is coming on Wednesday!


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fuck fuck fuck

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