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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Rubik's cubes

seagram building
Originally uploaded by martina melitta.
New York is RubiK's cube's paradise. It's a secret and the few people who know it can hardly believe it themselves, some say it's only an urban myth, some tell it as a bedtime story, but I know that .... it's the truth!! The island of Manhatten is one gigantic Rubik's cube, that has been shifted a thousand times or more by an evil gambler, so they say. Before the "big shift" the city was a lovely place, everybody knew their neighbors and children and dogs roamed the streets in peace ... until ... it was one hot summer night in July 1802 when the evil gambler came to the city to realise his evil plan. He knew about the very secret construction underneath the city, it was a mechanical emergency evacuation machine that - in case of an emergency - could shift single blocks outside the hazard zone. This is why they had built the city within a grid, so it would be easier to number the blocks. But evil gambler had a much more evil plan for this very city ... he broke into the secret computer station and turned on the machines. And one after each other he started to shift the blocks and after hours of evil shifting no block was where it had been originally. People woke up the next day and found out that their homes had been moved for miles and that their neighbors were gone and some where missing their cats. Nobody could explain what had happened except for some very important people and the president, who knew the truth but of corse, they didn't tell anybody.
But after this day, New York changed. People stopped speaking to their neighbors (it weren't their real neighbors anyway) and started to put their pets on a leash. Big companies Built high story buildings so when the next shift came, their offices wouldn't be scattered all over the city and they invented the hot dog, a soggy sausage that is inseperably squeezed in a squashy bread that nobody would ever want to eat, if it wouldn't remind them of how beautiful it was when everything still sticked together the way it belonged to.
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hi marrrrtina!

how are you in U.S.A. lass mal wieder ne email rueberwachsen mit detaillllles.. und so.. bei mir gibt´s ja nix neues... :)

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