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Friday, September 01, 2006

freeky friday

today andi and me may try to cook austrian food in Salteras. Strange isn´t it? well, what can we do. Being the flying cook of Sevilla Country isn´t always an easy job, but hey. That´s life. here on the fourth picture is my spanish class... actually they are all gone home by now.. but.. whatever. Talking about cooking an spanish leads me to me BIG NEWS! I will be on TV! I have my own TV show which will be recorded on September 12th in my flat.. Canal Sur 2 is making a travel show about Austria and I will be representing the country of Sissi, Toni Polster, Granaten and Powidltatschkerl in Sevilla!! Imaginate!! Well, so far the news! yesterday I got molested by two different men on my way home with Silvia.. On touched under my shirt while driving by on a moto, the otherone jumped on me from behind targeting my primary and secundary sexual organs (**** y boobs) with his hands... Pfff.. I used all my autrian swearword, and even some spanish ones.. cabrón!


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