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Friday, September 22, 2006

Jesús, I´m coming!!!

ladies and gents... I am back. The last two weeks were kind of hard for me cause I had to search a new flat again which isn´t the easiest thing to do when 2000 erasmus-orgasmus-americans try to do the same and you feel like begging for a room you don´t want anyways.... But I was lucky and from October 1st on I´ll be living with Jesús in a flat I haven´t seen yet...aaaaaah.. kind of crazy and stupid, I know. but anyways he seems to be a good guy and his birthday is on the 24th of december - what could go wrong then??? well he is a jazz-guitar-player... maybe that could be a problem ;-) So, I´ll just leave my sorrows at home and go out tonight, as I did yesterday and the day before and the weeks before... jajajaja...


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