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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hispanic Day

Today we are celebrating Hispanic Day.. The day Columbus thought he arrived in India.. The day native Americans were confronted with THE Spanish.. huii. can you imagine? "Hoolaa! Yo, Columbus!" Aha.. well. We used the national holiday to cook ourselves a traditional US - meal: Hamburger! The right thing after a loooong night! I hope senorita Andrea is going to post some pics with added recipe... Well, Jarrod, our ex-flatmate would have been proud of us. At the moment he is probably waiting at home to be discovered.. muhhahaha.. what a joke.. So Andi: Come on, HOIST THE SAILS!!


Blogger blogbacher said...

actually... that day i got paid double at my job (bookstore in cambridge/boston), because it is an official holiday in massachussetts! and i had a hamburger, too...
can you feel the connection, sistas?

10/19/2006 04:16:00 am  

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