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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am crying.. at the university of Sevilla, while I click through the pages of Cayetanos webpage.. Cayetano?? wow... he is the brother of Francisco who is a Matador, a Torero. And he is BEAUTIFUL, GUAPO, UN MONO.. he is my new star! BUT I also saw him real life on Sunday, when we were watching the bullfight in Sevilla.. YES, bullfight.. His brother, Francisco Rivera Ordonez and 2 other Toreros fought 6 bulls.. Of course we informed ourselves before the big day, through reading Hola and watching bullfights on TV. The fight was not so good, just on Torero got an ear and Francisco sucked.. or rather the bulls sucked.. The president even changed the fourth bull, because it just would want to fight the red cloth.. if this happends, they bring in 6 or 8 cows to attract the bull and get him out.. jaja.. so pictures are on my and andi's flickr account and a videos (1 and 2) from Francisco are on my youtube.. I will keep on reading...


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