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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I know.. Long time no news from Spain.. After my last entry, I went to Vejer de la Frontera with my mum, who came here on Monday, 2nd. Vejer was really beautiful, except the fact that there were not so many people and that I lost my nervs on Monday morning when we tried to get a taxi to the bus station.. No reception for the mobile phone! No cabrón picking up the phone at the taxi-office and no damn taxi at the taxi station! So my mum shouted: AIROPORTO, VIENNA, SEVILLA!! at a spanish guy and he drove us to the bus station.. Gracias!! I wouldn't have survived a nervous breakdown from my mum.
Andi also had a very smooth weekend in Conil... hihi. Tempted by disco-cars like Adam was temped by Eve.. yaya the partents.. On Monday we came back to Sevilla and found ourselves in silence when we met up with Augusto and Pepe Nacho at Plaza San Lorenzo.. I think we both talked to much over the weekend.. You can't imagine HOW MANY dog-stories I heard.. pff..
more pics on andis and my flickr...


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