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Friday, December 08, 2006

fresh like a maid

fresh like a maid
Originally uploaded by martina melitta.
I owe a detailed description of Tuesdays' comedy performance, but I can't tell I'm afraid, not in public anyways. Just so much: I got picked on by David Hoyle, the "performer" (but just a little bit). The topic was on the Sex Trade in Britain featuring a real sex worker a.k.a. a call boy who came out at the age of 47, after raising two children and getting married. I'm still very surprised about how difficult it is to be gay. It's such a big issue, why? But, it's not my problem.
I'd rather like to be geeky on exhibit no.A: misspelt signage! I very much like the coffee icon, it's beautiful. And whoever had a go on the typo - we're all having a bad day sometimes, it's just that mine don't come in three meter big signage for everybody to see. (hehe ... Schadenfreude = "pleasure taken from someone else's misfortune." It is sometimes used as a loanword in English and other languages.)


Anonymous may the beautiful said...

hey Martina put some more pics up! i wanna download them to my comp, miss you already!

12/13/2006 10:32:00 am  

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