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Monday, December 04, 2006

it's been a week

London is cool but that's not it. On first sight I thought I was stupid to leave this city, but after a week I can see the disadvantages of living in such a huge metropolis again: Spending hours on the tube, desperatly trying to avoid the rush hour and masses of people who all seem to be heading towards something that's right behind you.
But there's a very different side as well; When the rubbish bags are starting to take off and keep floating through the air on a windy day in Brick Lane, a girl in a bar is announcing a talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger as part of an art performance, or my friend May is cooking Thai chicken with rice for me, I can't stop thinking what a stragely beautiful place this is. Always something to to do and full with friends.
And tomorrow, I'll go to see a gay art performance in Vauxhall... (I'll keep you posted)


Anonymous Michaela said...

Hey, how nice to read that – and what a relief! I think London took a place in our heart, no question. It will remain a cool place with cool people in our memory. And do you know why? Cause it is not ordinary or everyday life anymore. Greetings to our beloved place and those people who made it special.

12/06/2006 04:22:00 pm  

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