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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

so close.

#1: Simones house

#2: my house

#3: Bar Rodriguez, where we usually hang out a lot and where today we got to know Dennis, an english kitchen chef who told as that #4 is a Bar owned by an Austrian. We enter, we have a beer, Dennis comes in, he presents us to Peter the tyrolian owner. Everything goes very fast. I am a bit confused. I still had not had time to think over the West Side Story performance we saw before in the "Ottensheim" of Sevilla. We first see a Toni Polster Poster. And the second view makes everything clear..

#4 is TONI POLSTERS STAMMBEISL.....AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH... I'm freaking out. Newspaper articles on the wall prove everything. Can't wait to tell my dad and schorsch that the bar toni polster used to party every time he won is about 50 meters from where I sleep. uff. I'm too tired to get it. Will sleep now and go there again tomorrow and see if everything's still there. Toni lass es polstern...


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