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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wedding in spanish

no, Pepé Nacho didn't get married!.. yet! BUT his brother Fernando did so and of course we needed to see that! Saturday, 17:15, raining... nice. after a night of going out till 7:30 it takes quite an effort to reach up to the high level of beauty which always can be found at spanish wedding.. Andi and me combined the hell out of what we could find in our wardrobe and dipped ourselves in a sea of make-up. In the end I think we looked nice.. still the boys looked like real gentlemen, amazing what a suit can do ;-)
Pedro was the royal man in charge of the camera which I think ended up in a 15 minute B-movie showing ourselves, some hot girls and darkness (the latest due to the coverage which he didn't take off 5 out of 6 times).
Another picture and some more can be found, like always, on my flickr account...


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