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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cantes al aire

Just came back home from the flamenco "society" "Cantes del Aire" en Triana.. Wow.. It was again amazing to see the dancing.. The attitude of the woman.. her eyes.. hui die gams! And the second dancer was a 14 year old boy.. in an light brown 70-style suit with long long hair and a silk scarf.. and he was great! And this wasn't just my opinion, because I also found his older brothers with the same long hair and the gold chains "as cool" as him without seeing them dancing.. But the old señores of the flamenco club were quite impressed aswell! And the bonus was Mr. white suit.. (no that one on the picture, but aswell quite hot-blooded.. ) dios! his hair-band flew across the room while he was spinning and tapping and clapping... Tried to catch it though.. but an 78 year old señora was faster... So this was my evening program! Kind of distantly shared it with two austrian guys who were there aswell.. with an USI - shirt! I didn´t talk any german... but I DID balance the alternatives.. geeky USI- guy in Austria... and hartbeat raising Raúl in Sevilla.. hm.. EASY!


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