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Thursday, March 01, 2007


This makes me a little bit ANGRY! Give him an Oscar and then redo the movie?? Hello? That's like buying a great painting and then adding "a few more colours".. tstststs... no, no d'accord. Read the damn subtitles!

...also includes English-language remake rights to Oscar-winning pic "The Lives of Others." The German take on the East Berlin secret police bowled over critics and notched a semi-surprise win Sunday in the foreign-language race. ... (
.... "Wir möchten einfach furchtbar gern, dass dieser Film mehr Menschen erreichen kann", begründete Regisseur Sydney Pollack laut dem Branchenblatt "Daily Variety" (Donnerstag-Ausgabe) die Idee, das Stasi-Drama noch einmal auf Englisch zu drehen. ... (


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