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Thursday, March 22, 2007

starting australia

starting australia
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This was my first hostel in Australia and on this picture one can study the peculiarities of a backpacker:
The bunk beds, here in classic blue, are found in every hostel. The mattrasses and constructions vary from thin and shaky to thick and shaky. Next to the bed are my flip flops a.k.a. thongs (!) The backpack is resting casually next to my bed and right next to the chair, the two things very dear to a budget traveler; Plastic bags and plastic bottles. The nomads praide themselves for knowing 200 different words for sand - I praide myself for being able to predict the half-life period of plastic bags, which doesn't sound very exciting. But anyone who's ever tried to gather squashed banana from his bag while on the bus after a 12 hours drive might reconsider his opinion. And to all others; eat carrots!


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