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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

life in levels

Do you also see your life in a pattern?

I have a lot of pattern.. For example I see the week like a calender, but I have a different calender compared to my school time and it is also different when I have a lot to do compared to lazy weeks. saturdays and sundays are thinner columns and sunday evening is lower as monday, which appears to be on a hill.
And the the year is also a pattern.. it is like a bigger calender and starts from july till december, then I need to turn the page so I can see january to june.
My bank account is like a diagram and although I currently don't have it under control the graph goes up and down in my thoughts. My drinking level is like the "energy-points" of a computer game character. I don't mean alcohol (do I?), just the "drink gallons of water hype". So when I don't drink I see this red light in my control panel. Same with coffee.. When I drink 'em I see the light turning green. I also have phases.. which is probably the superordinate category of pattern.. hm..


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