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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Today doesn't count for real.

Yesterday the grades went up. I'm very satisfied with it, it's over and that's what counts the most. I thought that everybody would be in the student bar, celebrating or mourning, drinking with joy or anger - but .. drinking! Nothing. Only a small number of people sat in the student bar and festive cheer was far away. Until at four, Michaela and I watched Germany win the game. My eyes were indeed glued to the screen for 120 min.+
After the game, I went home to sleep a bit, and have a proper dinner (Cup Noodles). Later I met up with Michaela again and we met up for drinks. And here is my theory as to why investment banker are second social-class people: If you spend up to 13 hours daily in your job then the weekend is your only spare time to relax. And if relaxing consists of vast amounts of alkohol, no wonder you'll lack in basic means of social interaction. (As always exceptions proof the rules, but just not yesterday.)
Later we went to Cargo for some crazy-funk-action-dancing and then we went to 333, where a jolly typo-crew was dancing away until they got tired. And today I met up with Michaela for a breakfast-lunch at Borough Market, later we watched the football (Why did England lose?!?) and then went to the park to discuss life in detail (and questioned snails)

M. still on the phone
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